How Does Smoking Cigarettes Reduce Stress?

It is said that cigarettes help to reduce stress and help people relax, a fact smokers regularly produce when asked why they can’t quit smoking. “I can’t quit I’m too stressed out.” Is a common sentence uttered by many a smoker every day. And when in a tough, problematic, critical and anxious situation a smoker will more than likely ‘need’ a cigarette to calm his nerves.

Secondhand Smoke Facts, Effects, Causes & Dangers

And smokers also get several other benefits from smoking including increased concentration, an added energy ‘boost’ mental ‘strength’ to deal with tough situations, curing boredom and relaxation.

These aspects can be condensed into two main beneficial areas of smoking Friendly Farms Carts. Firstly that, smoking is calming and relaxing, and secondly, it helps smokers concentrate and think clearly.

So on the Calming and Relaxing side – cigarettes take the stress out of life (relaxation) and help relive tension and stress. The benefits of smoking are to help smokers calm down and reduce anxiety and stress. When you visualise or think of relaxing what comes to your mind? It’s usually a slumping of the shoulders effect, that aaaaaahhhhhhhhh… slip into your arm chair and letting go feeling – you are relaxing.

On the Strength and Boost side – smoking is uplifting, helps with concentration, keeps smokers on their toes and gives them mental strength. The other benefit of smoking is that it lifts smokers up a level – their senses are awakened. When you visualise or think of yourself concentrating and being uplifted what comes to mind? Generally it’s a head up, on our feet, eyes open, chest out, shoulders back and an alert state of mind and effect – it gives you that I’m ready, let’s do it and let’s go feeling.

So cigarettes can have two effects – at times cigarettes can make you feel more relaxed and calmer – a general feeling of tranquillity or peacefulness. AND cigarettes can make you feel more confident, more capable, better equipped to deal with tough situations and they can give you increased concentration – a general energetic and empowered feeling.

A simple easy to follow dissertation that I hope may lead you to a complete cessation of your addiction to nicotine and cigarettes. This essay is designed to help you to make conscious decisions in your personal life that will enable you to stop smoking permanently. This will require you to show the strength to take 100% responsibility for your health, your career, your finances, your relationships, your emotions and your habits. All these things are affected by an addiction to cigarettes and cigars.

You will need to take a hard look at yourself, consciously deciding what the triggers are that compel you to smoke and then to discover what action is most likely to help you to quit permanently and for the positive personal development of your life and consequently that of your family, friends and associates.

You will learn practical ideas to make important changes in your life which when acted upon will help you to conquer your nicotine addiction and give you the confidence to face a new positive future free of nicotine and cigarettes.

Most importantly I will give you the inside information on how I quit a 25 year long habit, using simple, easy to follow thought processes which has guaranteed me a better, healthier and more personally rewarding life with an increased life expectancy and a significant increase in my standard of living. I have achieved this after several failed attempts, some of them prolonged but now my life simply cannot support cigarettes and nicotine. I rationalized why I smoked in the first place, understood its utter folly and by looking deeper at the reasons behind addiction chose a nicotine free life. A personal REALIZATION had taken place.

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