Stop Smoking and Get All Those Things You Thought You Couldn’t Afford

Not only do we smokers pay through the nose for the privilege of our habit, we almost certainly put ourselves into an early grave too. Smokers do die younger, at least on average (we all know one aunty, uncle or granddad who smoked until they were 100 – and ‘it did them no harm’, but this is the exception not the norm). In fact, figures show that 83,200 people die each year in England alone due to smoking related illness. Not a pretty picture and one to consider when lighting up that next cigarette.

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With the cost of smoking having already reached an incredible average of £92,000 in a lifetime, you really could get all those items you thought you couldn’t afford, if you could give them up Pax Era Pods . £92,000 could buy a very nice car, many luxury holidays, even a house and the savings don’t stop there.

After the initial staggering cost of buying cigarettes there are many other savings to be had too, life insurance being one of them. Insurance companies are obviously going to up their price for a smoker who is much more likely to contract a serious illness than a non smoker, it stands to reason. Premiums are actually generally around 50% less for a non smoker.

To qualify for these savings, however, you need to have kicked the wicked weed for at least a year with some companies asking for five years abstinence. Stopping is the easy bit it’s staying off them that is the tough part. In the past year nearly a half of all smokers have attempted to quit and you can bet your bottom dollar that a high percentage of them are smoking again now.

If you do manage to stop, however, you will want to know how much lower your current insurance premiums can be. A good starting point is to contact your current life insurance provider, if you have one of course, to revise your policy. Although a good starting point I would strongly suggest this isn’t your only action. The best savings are almost certainly likely to be found on the internet so shop around and you are sure to find a much improved quote.

Do make sure you have received your final price before cancelling you current policy (best done by simply cancelling your current direct debit payments), as internet base prices are highly likely to increase after medical questionnaires and other forms are completed. Even more so these days as insurance companies battling for custom on the internet are trying to lower their base rates. This obviously gives them an advantage of showing customers a better price on initial contact. This soon mounts up as questionnaires are filled, especially for the smokers amongst us!

Most smokers find it difficult to quit smoking when withdrawal symptoms set in. Failure to overcome the withdrawal symptoms lead many smokers into relapse. If you want a natural remedy for these symptoms, you can consider St John’s Wort.

In Europe, doctors treat people who suffer from depression and anxiety with St John’s Wort which comforts them. In scientific terms, St John’s Wort refers to hypercium perforatum. It acts as an alternative remedy for commercial drugs such as Prozac. Studies show the effectiveness of St John’s Wort in easing the symptoms of mild-to-moderate depression. In major depression cases, however, St John’s Wort yields poor results.

Until today, no scientific studies can claim St John’s Wort as an aid in quit smoking programs. The only recent study was conducted by Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Although the results of the pilot study appear to be encouraging, more clinical studies are needed to support the effectiveness of St John’s Wort in treating nicotine addictions. So, this herb still remains as an unapproved or unlicensed herbal remedy for smoking cessation.

Nicotine helps smokers overcome depression by increasing the levels of dopamine, a body chemical which induces a happy mood. When you give up smoking, your brain adjusts to changes in dopamine. During this transition period, your body undergoes withdrawal symptoms as absence of nicotine causes the dopamine levels to drop. St. John’s Wort increases levels of dopamine to counteract your cravings to smoke cigarettes.

Pharmaceutical companies use a standardized extract of hypericin, the active ingredient, to make over-the-counter St John’s Wort supplements. They come in different forms such as oil, tincture, and capsule. You can easily buy them from drug stores, grocery stores, health shops, and pharmacies.

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