Hummer Golf Cart Takes Out Old Lady in an EZ-GO – Law of Bigness Prevails

Now I have seen everything. The number of Golf Carts in this city is insane, everyone has one, in fact the local Starbucks gets about as many golf carts through their drive through, as SUVs. The other day, I am looking out the window, sipping on my Raspberry White Mocha Frappachino with no Whip Cream, when I see this guy in a Yellow Hummer Golf Cart smash into an old lady in one of those puke Buy Dank Vapes Full Gram Cartridges green EZ GO golf carts.

Apparently, the Hummer Golf Cart Driver figured the Old Lady in the EZ GO Golf Cart would stop and give him the right-of-way. Not so, the Old Lady did not move and she got creamed. I jumped from my seat and my foot caught my laptop’s umbilical cord and it pulled out of the back of my computer. Yes, I have one of those faulty batteries and now I have to leave the darn thing plugged in all the time. I guess my laptop is not made in the same American Quality as the Hummer Golf Cart – I have a Toshiba Laptop, which is a lot like that smashed EZ GO.

Anyway, my computer shut off, (I cannot remember now what article I was working on, the computer lost it, so I am replacing it with this crazy slice of life article) while I caught my footing and ran out there to help, yes, with my Frappachino in one hand, just in case I needed one last sip of caffeine before jumping into action to save the crash victim in the EZ GO. Everyone was fine, but the do-gooder lady sitting next to me studying here Kabala Notebook, called 9-11.

So, then shows up an Ambulance, Fire Truck, Police Man and the fire chief in a cool SUV with enough antennas to contact god or find Space Aliens while interfacing with the Very Large Array in NM. The guy in the Hummer had already walked into Starbucks to get his Latte after a pretty good game of golf or so he claimed, hard to say, but the guy looked more like a giant potato than a slim fit Tiger Woods to me?

The old lady was upset, but laughed it off, after the ambulance assistants gave here a once over. Eventually the scene out in the parking lot came into the coffee shop. Starbucks must have made a good $100 off all those people. No one was at the little independent coffee shop across the street. Moral of the story, the law of bigness prevails, whether it is coffee shops in the free markets or large golf carts in the parking lot. The smaller ones must yield.

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