Picking Politicians as Hurricane Names

Currently we are allowing the World Meteorological Organization WMO, a UN Agency names the Hurricanes of the year prior to the season. But like the Oil for Foods Scandal, they came up a little short having only named 21 storms for the whole season. This is obviously a problematic group for predicting trends in the world, although we have come to expect this.

7 Steps to Acquiring a Small Business

Around the turn of the century in Australia they did not ever argue what the names of Hurricanes would be, they simply named them after politicians. This was very wise indeed. Consider if we did this in the United States, you have plenty of possible pathetic politicians to name them after short business brands . Most politicians are disasters in themselves, wasting taxpayer’s money on stupid things and causing a mess of our civilization so the analogy fits well even in our current period. Image Hurricane Daschle dashing in, devastating, destroying and deluging Daytona. There might be a Hurricane Kerry cruising in like a windsurfer killing the Carolina Coast? How about Hurricane Oxley obliterating Orleans via Ocean surge. Politicians are wrecking our civilization with their rhetoric and bad decisions, so it makes sense to name the Hurricanes after politicians.

The most important decision you can make when deciding to start an online business is: what to name you site. This first step is the key element in determining success or failure. When making this choice, there are five factors you should keep in mind to.

*Make it specific to your business. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised by how many sites you will come across where the title has absolutely nothing to do with the content. If you are selling bicycles, then bicycles had better be in the title somewhere. The more specific you can be with your title, the greater chance you will have of buyers connecting to your web business.

*Give it a twist. With the ever growing popularity of online businesses, most of the basic domain names are taken, so, you re going to have to think creatively. Try to make your personal spin relevant to what you are offering. If you are specializing in mountain bikes, then try to mix your unique offerings into your domain name. Just remember not to be too smart with your twist. You don’t want to out smart your potential buyers.

*Keep it short. Your domain name should not have more than three or four words in it. No one is going to remember your site if you have a paragraph for a domain. Keep in mind, the whole point is to get people to click on your site, not to demonstrate how well you write. It is also easier to remember. On the internet brevity is the key to success.

*If at all possible, create a name with .com as your suffix. While .biz or .ws is perfectly appropriate. With .com in your title, you are more likely going to get buyers and not just information seekers. People expect you to be selling something. Also, most people looking to buy will search the titles with a .com ending first. In the home based business world, the site that gets picked first is the site that generates the most profit.

*Do keyword research before you decide on a title. Your domain name is your initial keyword. The more popular the keyword search is, the more likely it is your site will pop up during a search. There are dozens of sites that offer the frequency that words are searched. Spending a few hours doing your homework in advance will greatly enhance your profitability.

Creating an online home based business can lead to a rewarding career. Keep these five steps in mind when you are establishing your name. The online business world is full of stiff competition and only those that maximize every advantage available will have sustained success.

We all have to start from some where. In blogging the decisions we make at the start may have a huge influence on the final out come. For most of us getting our toe into the water is the easy part. Making the decision to dive in and swim is another. We could be afraid because we do not know how to swim or may feel that the water is too crowded?

If you want to learn to swim, getting in the shallow end would be best until confidence is gained. A few people once in the water decide that this is not for them and never swim again, others just love it and have great fun enjoying the experience. A swimmer may find a certain style that they are good at, they focus on that discipline to go on to be Olympic super stars to win gold. No one for sure knows how it will all pan out, suffice to say all the champions work and train very hard perfecting their skills with persistence, dedication and resolve to do well.

For the blogger signing up to Google Blogger for a free Blogger.com or a WordPress.com blog would be an easy learning to swim way of starting. The instructions are very simple to follow and in no time you could be on your way blogging. This is where you learn by trying different styles to see what suits you best. Remember the true saying “Incorrect action is better than no action to find your style”. To become a blogging super star though, this is not the pool to be swimming in, so do not stay too long here.

These free sites are definitely the easy way to learn but do have many draw backs. The site does not belong to you so would be difficult to sell at a later stage. You have little control and if the site closed down, all the hard work put into your blog could be lost.

It takes time to build your blog name, to make it something special but it will still look amateurish.

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