Lights For Outside Will Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home – Tips To Light Your Outdoor Spaces

Many people consider all the good things we can do to improve our homes and enhance outdoor living but how often do we consider how outdoor lighting can enhance our homes. Outdoor lights can enhance the beauty of our landscape at night and extend the use of our home by allowing you to take advantage of your outdoor spaces after dark Bollards for driveway.

Lights for outdoors can enhance the beauty of your home while providing you with a safe and secure place to live. Outdoor lighting also allows you to take advantage of your outdoor spaces after dark and can even add value to your home.

When you decide to install outdoor lights, you should consider that some cities have established building codes which relate to the type of lights you are permitted to install outside. You should always check with your local building inspection office to ensure their regulations allow the type of lights for outside you want to install are permitted to be used. It is best to find out code issues before you install your lighting.

A well-lit entry way will enable you to welcome your friends and family and make it easy to identify your visitors. You might consider installing wall lanterns on each side of your door because it will present your home as warm and welcoming. A well-lit area will make your home safer for friends and family in the evening as well. You can place chain-hung or recessed lighting under a porch or overhang. A separate rear or side entrance can be lighted with a single wall lantern by the door.

Outside the garage, you might consider a lantern on each side or maybe a single fixture above to provide lighting to provide a safe and secure entrance into the garage. If you want to save energy, you could install a motion sensor on these fixtures so the lights will automatically turn on when someone approaches the general area.

For additional security, illuminate any side of the house that would otherwise be in a shadowy area. You could install spotlights to your eaves to brighten these areas, or, for a more dramatic look, consider ground lights pointed up to graze the walls of your home. Again you can conserve energy by installing a sensor that will switch on the light only at night or upon motion. If using uplighting, aim the fixtures so that the light is captured by your eaves to lessen light pollution.

Steps, paths, and driveways should be lit to make sure family members and guests are able to approach your home easily and safely after dark. You can install path lights, post lanterns or attach lights to the side of your home. Low-level path lights, which spread circular patterns of light, will brighten your walkway while highlighting nearby flower beds, shrubs and ground cover.

Low-level path lights can also be used to establish boundaries of long driveways. Bollards, which stand 30 to 36 inches off the ground, also work well. Use shielded fixtures if you would like to avoid glare.

Decks, porches and patios can be converted into romantic evening retreats by concealing low-voltage mini-lights under steps, railing or benches. Pools and fountains illuminated with underwater lights will provide beauty and safety for evening entertainment and swimming. Low-voltage and LED lights for outside are popular for ambient lighting for your swimming pool. Floating and solar-powered lights are also available. Again, you want to check with your local building inspector before installing any lights for outside, including any existing swimming pools.

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