The Real Skinny on Sex and the City 2

Hollywood loves these stories. It is especially fond of them when it just so happens they come out as new movies are about to be released. So, Sex and the City 2 seems to be in pretty good shape for its upcoming release. Here’s why.

The British tabloids are happy, too. They like stories about weight loss. They’re now feasting on the anticipation of Sex and the City 2. In particular, they’re hungry to share all the gossip they can get on Sarah Jessica Parker’s alleged “shocking” weight loss.

The News of the World reports Sarah Jessica Parker is obsessed with exercise and is looking skeletal while out and about in New York City. They quote “pals” who say she now has an extreme exercise routine that includes an hour of pilates every day literotica. It’s said to be because she is stressed out and desperate to stay in shape. These pals claim it is causing the formation of bulging veins in the arms and hands of the star actress and is wreaking havoc on her body. Thus, those who love her are concerned about her health.

Sarah Jessica Parker and star actor husband Matthew Broderick have a 7-year old son, and also twin 10-month old daughters from a surrogate mother. She would have celebrated (or not celebrated) her 45th birthday on March 25. Age is to blame say the British. They are reporting Parker is now down to wearing a size zero and that her obsession with weight loss is from being paranoid about getting old. They say she believes if she is able to stay thin, she thinks she will be able to stay on top of that. Old Father Time will surely prove otherwise.

The star actress always seems to be fair game for the tabloids due to the continued popularity of the HBO series, Sex and the City. Then there are also all of the never-ending references to her looking like a horse in real-life. Currently, Sarah Jessica Parker is of renewed interest in Great Britain since she is now getting ready to promote Sex and the City 2 which opens in movie theatres there on May 28, 2010.

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