Dangerous Apps Your Kids May Have Access To – Stay In The Know

Parents and guardians should be aware of technology dangers behind smartphone applications 交友平台.. It is quite easy for your child to get their hands on the wrong apps.

Much like internet usage should be monitored, smartphone applications should be regularly monitored. Children can be using many different pages and apps without anyone being the wiser, and there are serious dangers abound within InternetLand 交友app開場白. It’s for that reason that you should consider the following dangerous apps as taboo for children in and out of your home. They may seem innocent, but they can pose serious danger.


Tinder is a dating application. This is used by individuals that want to find romance, and more. Children can easily become victims of exploitation 識女朋友. They can also be exposed to images that are of an adult nature. The reason why this is dangerous outside of the initial concept, is that there is no way to verify identity or age within the app. It uses a social media connection to review the age, and that is something that scammers focus on. Children and teenagers should be warned of the dangers of this type of application which can easily become a serious problem. This is often considered a “hook up” app, which is definitely worth noting.


Video applications abound, but this is one of the most popular. This can seem like an innocent communication tool. However, there is a great deal of danger with this app. Teens and young children can be on the receiving end of videos that are nothing short of explicit. Furthermore, there are many videos that can cause serious repercussions. One only needs to look into the #Firechallenge frenzy that occurred in recent memory to see how this site could pose danger to children and teenagers. There is a Vine kids app, but it can easily be ignored in favor of the more adult version. Parents should monitor, befriend, and be aware of downloads and usage of apps like this.


This app is all about short videos that vanish. The videos are only a few seconds long that you can record and send to someone else. Once sent and seen, they are supposed to get deleted. The notion of temporary has led many to send risqué images, videos, and more. Children can be exposed to adult content fast, under the guise of temporary. Snapchat has been under fire before as it is easy to exploit children and teenagers, exchanging images amidst each other. In previous years, hackers even stole millions of videos and photos, posting them on websites. It’s hard to monitor children and teens that are using this app, however, reminding them that uploading any videos or photos can end up in public with ease. In fact, it has happened several times already with Snapchat, Vine, and other social communication apps.

KiK Messenger

A distant cousin of AOL Instant Messenger, Kik is a mobile only application that allows members to chat with others. Teens and children love this app as it is mobile only, seemingly private, and easy to utilize. However, much like the days of AIM, this can easily be utilized by predators to seek out children, send images, and more. It can be used for sexting, and much more. While any messaging service can be utilized in this manner, KiK is extremely popular amidst teens and young children.


This is an app that seems innocent enough. People download the app and post anonymous secrets. The downside is that the user’s geographic locations can be showcased. Due to the nature of sharing secrets, it’s easy for predators to form relationships with children and teens. Several cases have been in the news in which people have met through the app. It can pose a serious danger.

Down App

Perhaps one of the most nefarious of apps, this can really pose danger. It connects to Facebook and segments friends between those that are interested in being just friends or those that are “down” to have sex with. An odd “hook up” app that is meant to be anonymous, can easily turn into a dangerous thing. Parents should not allow children to download or utilize this app.

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