Migraine Pain Management – Simple Tips That Anyone Can Use

Are you one on the unfortunate millions that suffer from Migraines? If you are then I empathize with you as I am also a long time migraine sufferer. If like me you are against dangerous prescribed medicine then keep reading for some valuable migraine pain management advice.

First of all, have you been to see the doctor? It is important that you see a doctor and make sure your migraines aren’t something more dangerous.

Doctors generally aren’t very helpful when it comes to migraines unless they are migraine specialists. However they may be able to give you some drugs to help with your Migraine pain management.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m against the use of drugs. As I’m sure 舒緩偏頭痛 you know migraine drugs can be very dangerous and have any number of side effects. However, as a last resort, it’s good to have something if the pain becomes unbearable.

Most of the time migraines can be prevented. You just need to work out your migraine triggers and then adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

I suggest you learn how to keep a migraine diary to identify your triggers. It’s not as easy as it sounds as most people don’t think to record the less obvious things that could be triggering their migraines.

If you do decide to seek help from a doctor and you provide him or her with a comprehensive migraine diary of all your activities, you will you have a better chance of getting a correct diagnosis.

As for the migraine pain management, the easiest things you can do are:

  • Avoid bright light
  • Apply cold packs to the face and/or back of the neck
  • Apply pressure
  • Use breath control exercises

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