A Boat Is Relaxation

I am not a sailor. In fact, if left to my own devices on a dingy, I’m prone to motion sickness and eventual, fitful vomiting. But, given a vessel of adequate size — say a 35-foot boat — and I’m a man reborn. “Avast, me hardies” and all that jazz. Of course, I’m not a man in a financial position to When it comes to boat rentals LA is my preferred city of choice. I say this, of course, because I am fair-weather resident.

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If you were to quiz most enthusiasts — say in the style of the game show Password — few of them would associate LA with a prominent boating culture. San Francisco, Chicago, even Miami would spring to mind, but not LA. Surfing, yes — boating, no. Not to offend any life-long boating natives, but the clam trade winds and placid waters of the Pacific make for a rather boring time aboard a boat yacht rental miami.

Boating in and of itself is a recreation and pastime best appreciated by fresh-water aficionados. You see, the lure of fishing (forgive the pun) goes hand-in-glove with boating. Yes, water skiers and para-sailors qualify as boating brethren, but getting in a boat, chugging out to some quiet spot on the lake or river and casting your line is an activity so particular and singular, it’s hard to compare to deep-sea fishers and ocean-bound boaters.

Of course, if your stated goal aboard a boat is relaxation, then I must recant all that I’ve said to this point. In that case, as is the case with the entirety of Southern California, relaxation has been distilled into an art form. While, yes, you can certainly ply your relaxation skills on board a humble boat, you may actually find more success tucked into a lounge chair on board a yacht.

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