Hyaluronic Acid For Joint Pain – Does It Work Or Should You Seek An Alternative Option?

If you are not familiar with hyaluronic acid, you may be wondering what it is, so I will start by giving a brief outline. It is essentially a substance that is present in the body, and especially in one’s joints and eye fluid. In the joints, it serves as a lubricant and a cushion between the different joints. So, where does the hyaluronic acid come from that one can buy in the pharmacies?

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Do not worry; it does not come from human donors. Instead, most medicinal hyaluronic acid comes from the combs of roosters, while some is also produced in laboratories using specially selected bacteria. Apart from using hyaluronic acid for joint pain, many people also believe it can help to slow down the signs of aging if it is applied to the skin, but since we are discussing joints, we will leave that for another time Tapentadol 100mg.

Although it can be taken orally, it is more often than not injected directly into the affected joints. Many healthcare providers do however overrate this form of treatment, and as a result, many patients expect to see a huge improvement, and then end up being terribly disappointed. In truth, it is a bit of a hit-and-miss form of treatment. While some people do experience a reduction in joint pain and stiffness, many do not experience any improvement at all.

Another downside to this type of treatment is the fact that the injections are not cheap, and even if they do work, the results are only temporary. This means one must be willing to go for injections on a regular basis, which of course is also an inconvenience.

You may also come across claims that it can reduce joint pain if rubbed into the affected area. In a nutshell, this could not be any further from the truth. Some people also claim to get good results when they take it orally. Of course medical professionals do not agree simply because there is no scientific evidence to support such claims. On the other hand, there are countless people who say it does work, so whether it does or not is anyone’s guess.

In my opinion, based on the research I have done online, you are likely to get far better results from one or two cleverly chosen supplements. Scores of people have been disappointed with hyaluronic acid for joint pain due to its low success rate, and of course the same can be said about many supplements. Having said that, there are some good ones about, and many people have and still are benefiting from them.

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