Apple Testing New iPhone and iPad With a Much Larger Display

It seems that Apple is working on a new version of iPhone and iPad that will have a much larger screen then we are used to. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple has already been testing iPhones and iPads with display sizes as big as 5-inches and 13-inches respectively.

Screen Time for iPhone and iPad: Everything you need to know! | iMore

The report says that Apple has been testing prototype versions of its iOS devices with large screens in order to come up with new devices that will help the company compete against arch rivals like Samsung. It is being said that Apple is testing iPhones with screens that are ‘larger than 4 inches’ and a tablet-slate device with screen sizes as big as 13-inches ToTo Store.

‘The screen tests come as Apple is set to disclose third fiscal-quarter earnings on Tuesday and provide insight into how the company’s existing line-up is selling,’ the report said. This does indicate that Apple might be looking out for new ways using which it can attract more consumers, including the ones that the company has already lost to the likes of Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One or Sony Xperia Z.

The Apple iPhone 4S had a mere 3.5-inch display whereas the current flagship device, the Apple iPhone 5 has a 4-inch display. The problem here is that consumers have got used to using large screen smartphones, they are not happy with 4-inch devices anymore. In fact, a number of consumers are still buying the Galaxy Note 2 and the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Mega series of smartphones because of the large screen real estate that they provide.

Rather than entering the smartphone competition, Apple has been playing its own game, and continued to develop a smartphone that the company felt was correct for its consumers. Many Apple consumers were tired of Apple telling them what’s right from them, and as a result turned most to Android or Windows platform.

“Apple has been slow to react to consumer desire for larger smartphone screens, [and] entry level price points on new phones. Waiting and waiting, for the new products to launch, has become painful,” said BGC Financier’s Colin Gillis in an investor note.

It seems that Apple might finally make up for the mistake, or may be not. We can’t be so sure about it right now, because there is a very good possibility that these large screen prototype devices being tested could actually be related to academics, and we might never get a chance to see them and try them out.

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