The Dragon Line Review – RUSH: Energy Taken to Innovative Echelons

The most energy efficient Entertainment Center in the known world was all a-buzz as it prepared to play host to some of thee most efficiently entertaining energy that I have ever encountered… Before hand, scores of people were standing in the rain awaiting their cue to enter, and by the time it was over, every one of them would feel as if they had been energized… you could feel it in the air like a warm frigid presence that escalates into a swelling of cold heated sweat that raises the temperature of the blood to the point of boiling in the fires of anticipation… and in that moment you know that you are a part of something bigger than yourself… you are among family… you are surrounded by friends… and Nothing beats the pre-buzz of a Rush concert… after all, these three guys remind us that life is not only worth living, but that figuring out why it is, is just as important, and let me say, seeing {and hearing} RUSH in this new state of the art venue only added to the already encompassing sensory overload experience.

Through our friends at we got a chance to chat with the marketing director and the general manager of the Pittsburgh Consol Energy Center before the show, he told us that The Pittsburgh Consol Energy Center is not only the most acoustically sound entertainment facility nationwide, but that it is also the most energy efficient red rock entertainment review. In fact, as of August 4, 2010, The Consol Energy Center, which was built for the Pittsburgh Penguins, achieved The LEED Gold Certification, becoming the first NHL Arena to reach that standard of sustainability as announced by the Sports & Exhibition Authority… LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and it was established by the United States Green Building Council, it is the nationally-accepted standard for the design, construction and operation of green buildings. The LEED ratings system is based on a points system organized by categories such as building materials and resources, energy, atmosphere, and water efficiency, as well as indoor environmental quality and innovation and design. The project and development of the Energy Center achieved 42 points under this system, as verified by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). A minimum of 39 points is what is required for a facility to receive a LEED Gold certification. {The official designation is LEED-NC Version 2.2 }

Of its 42 points, The Pittsburgh Consol Energy Center received nine points for sustainable sites, nine for indoor environmental quality, eight for energy and atmosphere, seven for materials and resources, five for innovation in design and four for water efficiency. The project received high marks for water use reduction, recycled materials, regional materials, certified wood demolition and construction waste diversion, and energy efficiency.

The General Manager of the Consol Energy Center, Mr. Roberts, had arranged through the marketing director Ms. Kramer, to meet with the elders prior to the show, having limited time and an extremely hectic schedule, {as should well be expected on a night such as this}, he was very gracious and generous with his time.

He explained that the design of the venue was centered on providing for the best acoustics possible in order to enhance the experience of everyone, {collectively as well as individually}, who are in attendance at any given event, he stated that this was done by a series of curtains that were hung at the back of each seating section as well as at the back end of the stage and that the seats were constructed of acoustic materials and insulated with acoustic foam, and that the floor of the venue was covered over during events such as this with a series of raised platforms that bounce the sound back up into the air, and “Oh, what a sound… As the venue went dark a mighty Roar arose from the crowd as if it were a Dragon’s fire spewing forth from the depths of the molten core of the Earth… and as the video stimuli was set in motion, the story of a thirty six year… {13,140 day, 315,360 hour, 18,921,600 minute, 1,135,296,000 second} journey began to unfold…

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